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Are you looking for a retail Cannabis Store near you in Orangeville? 

Paramount Cannabis is your all-time trusted store for pure recreational Cannabis. We are an authorized online Cannabis Store serving Orangeville and nearby areas.

Cannabis Store Orangeville, ON

Our store has varieties of pre-rolls, CBD edibles, concentrates, cannabis flowers, topicals, etc. You just have to disclose your need to us and we will help you in selecting the right product for yourself. Our service is not limited just to our store. We deliver products to your doorstep. Shop cannabis online, get high-quality cannabis delivered to your home with Paramount Cannabis!

Recreational Cannabis must be consumed in a safe way in regards to dosage and usage so we will always strive to feature brands that offer the best quality products from a reputable source.

Experienced budtenders at your service

Over the years our experience has gained us a lot of knowledge in the market. Our highly trained and knowledgeable experts are at your service to assist you and provide you with all the necessary information that you may be worrying to know. They ensure to make your shopping experience with us enjoyable and educational. Visit our store and fulfill all your requirements.

FAST Cannabis Delivery in Orangeville

In the world we live in, blended technology and creativity can now be used to order cannabis to your door. An affordable and quick cannabis delivery service has been made available in Orangeville by Paramount Cannabis. Free Shipping, same day delivery with Curbside Pickup Available. Find Us On Google Maps.

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Here are some frequently asked store questions.

In Canada, to travel smoothly you can possess and transport cannabis weighing less than two ounces. Above it, it will be problematic for you as federal officers can arrest you anytime.

From authorized retail stores, you get tested, high-quality, and traceable cannabis products. These facilities might increase some of the prices than those available in the illegal market.

There are strict guidelines against accidental consumption, so legal retail owners have to ensure that products are not appealing to children, they are safe against accidental consumption, and provide the necessary information to make informed decisions. This is the reason why authorized packaging strictly adheres to the labeling requirements enforced by the Federal Cannabis Act and Health Canada

Health Canada suggests that you should make cannabis unfit for consumption before disposing it off to protect everyone including children and youth. A perfect way to dispose of it is, blend it with water perfectly and add a little cat litter to mask the odour. After this, your cannabis is safe to place in your regular household garbage.


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