The Difference between THC and CBD

For cannabis consumers, the potency of the product (THC content) was used as a factor to determine how desirable a strain was; the higher the potency -> the stronger the effect -> the better the high. However, more consumers are gradually becoming more interested in less intense products that have low THC levels but are higher in CBD (Cannabidiol).

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Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

One of the great things about cannabis is there are multiple ways to consume it, so if you aren’t a fan of one method, you are free to try another way that’s more suitable for you!

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Welcome to Paramount Cannabis

We’re here to offer you a balance between the real life and the high life. Some of you may be familiar with us under the brand Pioneer Cannabis, but we have since re-branded under our own brand as Paramount Cannabis for better flexibility offering a better experience. We opened our doors to our first location in Orangeville, Ontario on 4/20/21.

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