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Paramount Cannabis is a locally owned cannabis store in Georgetown, Ontario. We’re proud to be the most trusted & top rated cannabis retailer with exceptional in-store experience.

Cannabis Dispensary Georgetwon Ontario
Paramount Cannabis Retail Store Georgetown ON

Cannabis Store Georgetown ON

Paramount Cannabis is one of the Best legal recreational cannabis store in Georgetown, Hallton Hills, Ontario. At our Georgetown cannabis shop, you’ll find all the quality products that a customer is looking for. We provide you with variety of cannabis edibles, pre-rolls, vaporizers, drinks beverages, concentrates, , CBD Gummies , cannabis accessories and much more. Our pre-roll products are great for those who want to take their favorite strains on the go without any hassle.

Paramount Cannabis is Georgetown’s most reliable online cannabis store. We offer reasonable priced, high-quality buds and strains ranging from indica to sativa, hybrids. All of our strains offer a plethora of THC and CBD percentage options and price points to choose from. We do this in an effort to fit everyone’s preferences, so you’ll always find something that feels right for you.

Our Cannabis dispensary delivers high-quality cannabis to customers’ doorstep. We believe in connecting people in a world that is deeply divided. We believe that everyone matters equally, regardless of status, age, ethnicity, or creed. We aim to foster a true community spirit through what we stand for, who we serve, and the products we provide. Ask a budtender for help when you come in the first time so you can have a smooth and memorable experience!

Fast Same Day Cannabis Delivery In Georgetown

Paramount Cannabis offers safe, fast, and Same Day Delivery Services to customers who need quality cannabis. Whatever your preference, we have got you covered with the best products! Our superfast Cannabis delivery service is available same-day from 9 am to 10 pm for residents in Georgetown, Ontario. 

We guarantee you convenient and affordable prices, as well as a professional service with a focus on cleanliness and compliance. You get Free Same-Day Express Delivery & Quick Curbside Pickup delivery option through online ordering. Paramount Cannabis is proud to be offering special Rewards for members. Reach Us on Google Maps.

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Discover the Paramount Cannabis Shop in Georgetown, Ontario!

Here are some frequently asked store questions.

While we don’t have anything specifically for vegans or gluten-free diets, we provide labels on all products that list potential allergens. Our products contain animal and seafood ingredients, and we use sulphites as a preservative in some of our items. Allergens are labelled on the nutritional label.

Cannabis and hemp are the same species of plant—Cannabis Sativa—but the term “hemp” refers to strains of Cannabis/Marijuana that contain no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As with cannabis, Health Canada regulates hemp production and controls which strains producers can grow. Because these strains contain so little THC—the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis that causes the “intoxicating effect”—they cannot produce said effect.

Cannabis use is legal in Canada and an accomplished method of disposal. Health Canada suggests blending ‘weed’ with water and mixing it with cat litter to mask the odor. Place the blended mixture into your standard household garbage.

It is recommended that individuals who use cannabis refrain from driving for at least six hours after. Under the cannabis-impaired driving law, you can test positive for cannabis contents in your system for weeks after the conclusion of use if you are detected.

Driving while intoxicated with cannabis is extremely dangerous. You might not feel unusually high after using cannabis, but it still shows up in your system. Make sure you know the driving laws in Ontario, Canada. Please visit the Ministry of Transportation website for information and safety against impaired driving and the combination of cannabis and alcohol.

No! That’s the benefit of buying from a legal recreational cannabis and weed dispensary. You do not have to show a prescription before buying cannabis at our store. We work just like a regular retail store, so you can come to pick up what you like, show your ID, make the payment, and take your package.

Yes, we are required by the law to check our customer’s IDs before entering the store and when confirming their delivery orders. It ensures that you are of legal age to buy cannabis, edibles, or smoking accessories.

You will be required to show your valid government photo ID alongside the credit card used for purchase. The government of Ontario only allows cannabis sales to 19 years and older.


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