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Which Are The 5 Different Types of Cannabis Edibles?

 Cannabis edibles are the latest trend in the cannabis industry, and they pack a big punch. The cannabis industry has been experiencing a significant boom in the sale of edibles, so more people will likely be experimenting with them soon. 

In Ontario, cannabis brownies and cookies are the most popular edibles. Apart from these, there are limitless types of edibles to choose from. It would be best to experiment with different types as each has different characteristics and flavors. You can shop CBD edibles gummies in burlington

Edibles are generally made using decarboxylated cannabis. It means that the cannabis plant is heated to activate the THC.

Cannabis-Infused Food

Cannabis mixed in some food is the most popular type of consumption. Cookies and brownies fall under this category. Cannabis can be infused in almost all types of food, including baked ones, candies, pasta sauces, etc. For an overview, any food containing butter, milk, sugar, or flour can be converted into an edible. This category of edible is the most resourceful and diverse. 

Cannabis-Infused drinks

Companies keep on experimenting with different types of cannabis-infused drinks. Tea, sodas, coffee, beverages, and even alcohol come with infused cannabis. The THC infused gets metabolized through the stomach and is as powerful as eating a cannabis brownie. 


A tincture is a variety of edible absorbed through your mouth and tongue. This vigorous alcoholic extract is placed under the tongue using a dropper, and the tincture is then absorbed under the bloodstream. At paramount, we create a dynamic tincture that leaves a slow and powerful impact on the consumers.

The unknown fact is that ingesting a tincture gives you greater control over your dosage than cannabis-infused drinks or food.

Dissolvable Cannabinoid powder

Cannabinoid dissolvable powders are a new launch in the market. They are tasteless and odorless, making them the best go-to option for people who don’t like the smell of cannabis but still want to take them just because of its medicinal properties.

You can convert anything into an edible. Just mix this powder in anything like tea, smoothie, soup, etc. Its dissolving power makes it stand out from the rest. You can even bake or cook with it.  

CBD Edibles

CBD gummies have all types of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids infused in them except for THCs. If you only want additional benefits of cannabis without the psychotic effects, CBD edibles are an excellent choice. 

Drinks having CBD edibles, Gummies, chocolates, powders, and tinctures are legal nationwide in Ontario.


For people who have trouble sleeping at night, CBD gummies are an excellent tool for you. Its effects last for several hours and are easy to consume.


Chocolates infused with CBD or low amounts of THCs are also an excellent option to consume for the ones who wish to avoid the taste of edibles. Edibles infused in chocolates start affecting slowly but surely last long.


As said earlier, edibles are now much easier to consume. You will get them at any cannabis store. Beverages infused with CBD or THC edibles are also a good option for consumption. From sparkling water to non-alcoholic spirits, beverages containing CBD should be on your list to try!  


CBD powders are also available in Canada. You can use it as you wish. Cook with it or consume it naturally. It is totally up to you. CBD powders are the easiest way of consumption but only for the people who have had it once or twice.  

Paramount cannabis dispensary can deliver all these to your doorstep straight from our retail shop if you reside near Orangeville or Burlington. 

Connect with us through our website. People who have easy access to our stores are welcome. We have a doorstep delivery service ready for all our customers in Orangeville and Burlington for those who live far. 

Cannabis Edibles FAQs

Can I consume cannabis edibles in public?

As of now, individuals aged 19 years or above are authorized to consume cannabis in Canada. But consuming them in public is a big no!

Because the consumption of cannabis has only recently become legal in Ontario, the laws regulating their use in public are constantly evolving. Some provinces have granted permission for smoking and consuming edible cannabis products in public, while others have a strict ban on recreational cannabis use in all outdoor public spaces. Cops can question you anytime, so it is advisable not to consume it anywhere in public. 

Is it legal to sell cannabis?

Yes, it is legal to sell cannabis edibles in Canada. Authorized retail stores or dispensaries with a provincial government license are allowed to sell and purchase cannabis in Canada. Without a license, your store will be considered an illegal spot for cannabis which might prove problematic.

Get a license from the government, and your store is good to go to make cannabis sales. 

Can passengers in my car smoke cannabis while I am driving?

Strictly NO. Under the Cannabis control act, a person shall not consume cannabis in a moving vehicle. In addition to the laws, cannabis must be kept in its seal packaging while transported in a vehicle. Even if it is not in its original sealed package, it must not be accessible to anyone in the vehicle.  

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