Are you looking for a Cannabis Store near you in Burlington? Paramount Cannabis is one of the Best  Legal Recreational Cannabis Retailers in Burlington, Ontario.

Cannabis Store Burlington

At Paramount, we know what makes or breaks the best bud. We help our customers choose the Best Quality Cannabis products depending on what effect you desire. No matter what your requirement is, we provide all the quality products that a customer is looking for.

We provide you with a variety of Dried Flowers, Pre-rolls, Concentrates, CBD oils (full spectrum and Zero THC), tinctures, CBD Edibles, Choclates, Gummies, Vapes and lot more. Just brief us about your smoking needs and we will get you the right product. Shop Online to get high-quality Cannabis delivered to your doorstep in Burlington.

Your One Stop Shop For Cannabis In Burlington

You can access our open-concept stores that are designed specially to bring you a wide variety of accessories and products. If it is your first time with us, we will make sure that your shopping experience will be a smooth and memorable one!

Get answers to your questions. Our budtenders educate our customers about all things Cannabis. Setup your perfect weekend with Sativa Strains, Indica Strains  or Hybrid Strains. We set ourselves apart by offering a large variety of high-quality Cannabis products and accessories.

Get Fast Cannabis Delivery in Burlington

Do you need Cannabis now? Why not order some quality Cannabis online and get it delivered fast? Here at Paramount Cannabis, we have made it our goal to provide access to safe, fast and same day delivery services. We also offer FREE Same-Day Cannabis delivery to residents of Burlington. Curbside Pickup Availaible. Find us on Google Maps.

Here are some frequently asked store questions.

Yes! You can get pure CBD Oil (zero THC) at our store in Burlington, Ontario. We have a wide range of CBD edibles including chocolates, soft chews, gummies, THC Beverages and many more. You can either Shop online or get from our store.

Yes, we are required by the law to check our customer’s IDs before entering the store and when confirming their delivery orders. It is just to ensure that you are of legal age to buy cannabis, edibles, or smoking accessories.

No! That’s the benefit of buying from a legalized recreational store. You do not have to show a prescription before buying cannabis at our store. We work just like a normal retail store, so you can come to pick up what you like, show your ID, make the payment, and take your package.

To consume cannabis or any kind of pre-rolls, edibles, etc. you must be of 19 years of age. Below it any consumption of such products is considered illegal in Burlington.

You can visit our Burlington Cannabis Dispensary here at Paramount Cannabis, 1200 Brant street ( Best Buy plaza), Burlington. You can also use our home delivery services too!

Individuals who have attained the legal age of weed possession in Canada i.e. 19 years, can carry up to 30 grams of cannabis legally. Anything above it will be considered illegal and the authorities will be forced to take necessary action.


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